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Mischievous Caster (Fate series fan Servant) by ShinyPurpleLugia Mischievous Caster (Fate series fan Servant) :iconshinypurplelugia:ShinyPurpleLugia 0 1 Fairy Tail Chapter 331 rescue by ShinyPurpleLugia Fairy Tail Chapter 331 rescue :iconshinypurplelugia:ShinyPurpleLugia 2 0 The Horses of The Year by ShinyPurpleLugia The Horses of The Year :iconshinypurplelugia:ShinyPurpleLugia 0 0 Greeling Finger Paint by ShinyPurpleLugia Greeling Finger Paint :iconshinypurplelugia:ShinyPurpleLugia 1 0 Ling Yao Finger Paint by ShinyPurpleLugia Ling Yao Finger Paint :iconshinypurplelugia:ShinyPurpleLugia 0 0 Greed Finger Paint by ShinyPurpleLugia Greed Finger Paint :iconshinypurplelugia:ShinyPurpleLugia 1 0
Psychic Hero Recruit: Chloe
Name: Chloe
Age: 21
5'6"; Pale skin, dark brown hair, chocolate brown eyes
Hometown: Goldenrod City, Johto
Chloe grew up in Goldenrod with an average life, in a house by the Magnet Train tracks. As a girl, watching the Magnet Train travel back and forth made her dream about the world outside of Goldenrod. She finally got her chance at age 10, when her parents gave her a Pass for the Magnet Train, which she used to visit her cousin in Saffron in the Kanto region, none other than the Psychic gym leader of Saffron, Sabrina, and the two got along very well. After that, Chloe's life consisted of listening to Professor Oak's Pokemon Talk on the radio, and sleeping over at her cousin's house on the weekends. During her visits, Sabrina taught her about Psychic Pokemon and psychic power, and Chloe started to share a love for Psychic Pokemon. This led to Chloe's decision to become a Pokemon Trainer. However, when Chloe was 11, Sabrina's psyche started to change; she was no longer the playful, ki
:iconshinypurplelugia:ShinyPurpleLugia 1 0
Self Portrait dA ID by ShinyPurpleLugia Self Portrait dA ID :iconshinypurplelugia:ShinyPurpleLugia 0 0
The Heart of a Vampire
The Heart of a Vampire
By April Marion Lucas
On a clear, sunny summer day in 1891, in a small town, a couple decided to take a day off from any business they had. The woman had deep blue eyes and long, straight black hair that shone in both the sunlight and moonlight. The man had brown eyes, and black hair that came down to his chin line. He was around the age of 30, and that day was when she was turned 30. Their day out was to celebrate her birthday. They had a picnic lunch, where the man gave her a silver ring that formed a heart on the top that encircled an oval-shaped ruby. Afterwards, they sat together next to a large rock at the top of the hill outside of town to watch the sunset. However, their perfect day was about to take a turn for the worst.
“I’m telling you, Anna, I could have sworn I saw something in the alley, looking at us,” the man said as he closed the door behind him as they were walking back inside their house. Outsi
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Pichu Christmas by ShinyPurpleLugia Pichu Christmas :iconshinypurplelugia:ShinyPurpleLugia 0 0
Hector's House
                                              Hector's House
                                        By April Marion Lucas
A dark, old, small, one-story house with a stone pathway in between the gates and the step in front of the front door, sat on a lonely town block at the intersection of two streets. The house was often avoided due to its haunted-looking appearance, for those who had dared go inside it don't come out until a matter of days later, and when they did eventually show up, they were never the same as they were before they went in.
Victoria, a woman a
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Black Swallowtail Butterfly by ShinyPurpleLugia Black Swallowtail Butterfly :iconshinypurplelugia:ShinyPurpleLugia 0 0
Love in the Night
Inspired by and based on the musical “Dance of the Vampires/Tanz der Vampire”
He has an endless life and appetite
And terrorizes a nearby tiny town
Though he may have great might
He can’t shake her eyes of brown
Her hair of red and skin so fair
He visits her one night to express
What life he will with her share
Her dreams he says he’ll address
For she dreams of a life exciting
He can offer one if she so desires
He flees without landing a biting
Back to his castle full of vampires
She is enticed by the Count’s  call
But the next day she’s abducted
Taken away to him to await a ball
To stay ‘til then, she was instructed
Though she didn’t mind in the least
She’s suddenly drawn to the master
Like the tale of “Beauty and the Beast”
Such thoughts made her pulse faster
Torn between light and eternal passion,
Her heart felt like it was in a total eclipse
She chose later at that ball of old-fashion
And he was allowed a bite
:iconshinypurplelugia:ShinyPurpleLugia 1 0
The Blizzard Dragon
She flies on giant bat wings with stealth;
Her wing beats sound like a blizzard wind
Only in cold does she have full health,
And in warm climates she cannot grin.
Her body is so cold that it must stay so,
‘Cause heat can make her so ill she dies.
She camouflages so well, you never know,
If on you she has her keen light blue eyes.
She bears the name Freisa very well;
The name spins off the word “freezer.”  
If you can ever watch her, you can tell
The way she hunts seems to please her
In the air, she waves her long body around.
Other animals know her as their death,
For if they were ever to be by her found,
They will surely feel her subzero breath.
In this arctic land of fierce cold blizzards,
Freisa is undisputedly queen of the lizards.
:iconshinypurplelugia:ShinyPurpleLugia 0 0
Attack of the Black Slugs
I used to have behind my house a lake
I should say pond, that body of water
I remember a time, in full day’s wake
Being summer made the day hotter
We three sisters went out for a swim
Just intentions for fun we had brought
After a while, I had run out of whim
And left the water to dry back off
I guess someone noticed something
On my upper legs, little black slugs
Someone asked “Did I feel anything?”
As they were removing the bugs
I replied “No”, though I was cold
But cold from being wet in the air
It’s a gross story that I have told
I won’t forget that day over there
:iconshinypurplelugia:ShinyPurpleLugia 0 0
Ultimate Earache Relief
It happened during a spring break
I don’t remember much from that day
It needed to be done, no mistake
They needed to be gone, with no delay
I remember wearing a dress of paper
And a paper bracelet around my wrist
The procedure didn’t come ‘til later
I’m sure I wasn’t the only one on the list
I tried hard to stay awake
But I didn’t last very long
Next thing I felt was a sudden shake
An elevator they had brought me on
I awoke with a throat very sore
I was told they were quite big
And were in a jar for store
And promises of ice cream on which to pig
I remember a midnight trip with my IV
You’re better dry than wetter
I spent all day watching kids’ TV
Then went home feeling much better
:iconshinypurplelugia:ShinyPurpleLugia 0 0

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11-10-2009 Journal Skins, Fan Fiction

Journal Entry: Tue Nov 10, 2009, 12:33 PM
Well, as this probably shows, I've taken full advantage of the free CSS Journal skin installs going on at this time (sponsored by the upcoming movie Ninja Assassin). I've installed a total of 20 skins, including a blue and green version of this dragon skin, some Sailor Moon skins, some Avatar:The Last Airbender skins (including one for the upcoming live action adaptation, "The Last Airbender"), plus several other skins I thought were too beautiful to pass up, mostly with blue and purple color schemes. I encourage my Watchers and friends to take advantage of this opportunity to all deviantART users to install CSS journal skins without a subscription being required.

On another note, around late October, I think Oct. 28th or 29th, I was mentioned by a friend about a story website I could try, so I can get more readers. The site is I made an account the next night, and have since uploaded three of my stories on it, including "The Heart of a Vampire", plus a one-shot and my newest story, my first fan-fiction story ever. I was thinking today of publishing "Hector's House" as a story on there, too, but I want to think of a better title first.

Skin by jennyleigh


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